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VU dry sand and gravel aggregate system

Liming VU dry process of sand and gravel aggregate system with the most reasonable, greatest degree reproduce naturally in the process of natural sand formed broken, erosion action such as friction, natural washing, make product sand performance is improved. - 15 mm raw materials (can be stone chips, pea stone and other cheap accessible raw materials such as stone) after dealing with the VU system is reasonable and efficient, reasonable distribution, grain output fruity, controllable sand powder content, as well as dry clean, can undertake unity recycled high value-added powder (determined according to the raw material can be used).

VU dry sand and gravel aggregate system

The VU aggregate optimization system of Liming Heavy Industry have emerged as the times require. This optimization system adopts the advanced technologies and scientific payoffs from domestic and abroad which will provide a brand new dry sand-making solution to the problem of exiting sand-making industry and will bring a new developmental chance for sand-making, cement-making, dry blend and ready-mixed concrete making industry.

Applications: The sand produced by the VU optimization widely used as the auxiliary sand of mixing plant, dry conc

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1.Good Particle Shape

The output shape can rival natural sand (Real product rate can be 58%-59%).

2.Low Consuming Cost

New innovated technology combines performance and technology of equipment reasonably, realizes low consuming cost.

3.Adjustable Fineness

The fineness is adjustable easily (2.2-3.2).

4.Precise Grading

The grading is more precise than before. By using water mixing machine wet sand can be produced.

5.Dust-proof and Environmental

Full enclosed structure prevents the dust from leaking out. With no noise nor pollutant discharge, the dust-proof is absolutely of no risk at all.

Specifications - Technical Data
Model Parameter Name
Feeding Size(mm) Raw Material Feeding (t/h) Capacity(t/h) Powder Content (adjustable) Installed Power(Kw)
VU-70 0-15 65-70 55-60 3-15% 450
VU-120 0-15 110-120 95-105 3-15% 830